Can everyone be hypnotized?

Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness. It is the state we enter right before sleep and the minute we wake up. It’s the same state we are in when we driving a car and we miss the exit or have no idea how you got there, or concentrating on work, or reading a book and 3 hours past by, that is concentration hypnosis. It is very similar to the dream state. We all go into it many times a day. So to answer to a question, most everyone can be clinically hypnotized because it is the same level of consciousness. However, a few people I have worked with haven’t experienced the visual aspects of hypnosis even though the results still were the same. After hearing the explanation of hypnosis, my clients are comfortable enough to relax into a wonderful and peaceful trance state which means they can be hypnotized to find the core issue and release it.

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